Roanoke Junk Removal is a smart option for those who have large, bulky trash that can be difficult to dispose of on their own. By hiring a junk removal company, you can save yourself from strained backs and vehicle damage while also helping to reduce waste and support charities.

Many junk removal companies charge based on the size of a load or number of items. To help potential customers understand your pricing structure, you can include customer testimonials and reviews on your website.

Styrofoam, a trademark name for extruded polystyrene foam, is a versatile and inexpensive material. It is lightweight and has great insulating properties, making it a popular choice for food containers and packing peanuts. Unfortunately, it is also non-biodegradable and hard on the environment. It is difficult to recycle because of its low density and tendency to cling to other items and blow around easily. It must be broken down and turned into a denser insulation product with special equipment that is not available in all cities. Because of these issues, many municipalities ban single-use Styrofoam products.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam blocks and sheets are recyclable, but only if you are willing to go the extra mile to find a recycling center that accepts them. Most city curbside recycling programs will not accept them, and it can be a challenge to find a place that does. However, if you have a large amount of the material, it may be worth your while to make the effort.

Local shipping and packaging stores often take clean Styrofoam trays, cups, containers, and packing peanuts for reuse. This allows them to reduce their trash output and saves them money on purchasing new packing materials. Arts-and-crafts time is a regular part of most elementary schools and daycares, so check with these organizations to see if they are interested in accepting Styrofoam to use for projects like holiday ornaments, pencil holders, or vases. You can also use EPS to fill up the bottom of plant pots before adding dirt. This will help to keep the soil in place and cut down on weight. Alternatively, you can use it for ice in buckets and coolers to keep drinks cold at outdoor events.


Electronics can be hard to dispose of properly, but it’s important to do so to protect the environment. Unless they are recycled, old computers, TVs, and cellphones can contain dangerous toxins that leach into soils and water bodies, polluting plant and animal life. Junk removal services that specialize in e-waste disposal offer safe, eco-friendly solutions to help protect the planet.

E-waste contains valuable materials such as copper, aluminum, and gold, which can be reused to make new electronics. Some companies also use a process known as plasma gasification, which heats waste materials to high temperatures and converts them into useful byproducts. This technology can greatly reduce landfill waste and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

If you have any unwanted electronic devices lying around, consider selling them or donating them to a second-hand store. You can also drop them off at your local household hazardous waste facility, although it’s important to check their policies first. Many facilities are only able to accept a limited number of items, and some may require you to pay a fee for processing.

Alternatively, you can put them out for curbside collection or bring them to your local recycling center. It’s best to remove all personal information before disposing of electronics, such as wiping a computer’s hard drive or deleting your cell phone’s data. If you don’t have time to do these things, junk removal services can usually recycle your electronics for you. They will separate the components and recycle them as needed. This helps the environment and saves you a lot of time. By choosing a company that offers junk removal services for both residential and commercial properties, you can make sure your waste is handled responsibly.


Furniture is used for a variety of purposes in the home and office. It is often made from wood, metal, or plastic and serves a functional role such as seating (chairs and sofas), eating (tables), storage, or sleeping (beds). It can also be decorative or serve a religious or cultural purpose. It is also important to properly dispose of furniture waste to protect the environment.

It can be difficult to get rid of large items like furniture because they are bulky and heavy, making them harder to haul away on your own. Junk removal services can help with this by providing furniture disposal for a small fee. These companies also follow local laws and regulations to ensure that your furniture is disposed of safely and legally.

If you’re looking to make some extra cash while decluttering your home, consider selling your old furniture at a yard or garage sale. Alternatively, you can donate the items to a charity or non-profit organization. Most charities and non-profits will accept gently used furniture, so you can feel good about giving it a new home while freeing up space in your own house.

When disposing of furniture, it’s important to know where the items are going and whether or not they will be recycled or reused. Some dumping and recycling facilities may only take certain types of loads on particular days or under specific conditions. In addition, if you’re planning to donate the items, you should check operating hours at donation centers. In the meantime, a full-service junk removal company like 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is well-versed in NYC’s regulations and guidelines for waste disposal. They can help you find the right place to recycle or dispose of your unwanted furniture quickly and easily.


Appliances are often the source of junk, taking up space in a garage or basement and attracting dust. However, replacing them with newer models that offer more energy efficiency and features is an exciting investment for homeowners. When these appliances become unusable or break down, it’s important to know how to properly dispose of them.

Many appliance disposal options are available, including recycling. Choosing the right one depends on the condition of the appliance and local regulations. For example, refrigerators and freezers with outdated cooling systems may contain hazardous waste and can’t be donated or recycled. It’s best to hire a professional junk removal service for large appliance removal and proper disposal.

A good alternative to dumping old appliances at the curb is to take them to a scrap metal yard. These yards will often pay for broken or damaged appliances and recycle their parts. This is a great option for older appliances that aren’t in working condition and can’t be sold at a secondhand store or donated to charity.

If your appliances are still in good condition, consider listing them for sale online or at a garage or estate sale. Alternatively, you can donate them to charity or non-profit organizations that benefit children or the elderly. Many secondhand stores, churches and community thrift shops are willing to take used appliances. In addition to reducing your clutter, this option can be environmentally friendly and provide you with a tax-deductible donation. However, this method is time-consuming and can be difficult if you’re dealing with multiple items. You should also keep in mind that some junk removal companies don’t accept donations, or they have strict limitations on the type of items they will take.

Yard Waste

Maintaining a yard or garden can create a lot of organic waste, from thorn bush clippings to leaves to tree branches. Regular pruning, weeding, and lawn mowing creates even more. In addition, yard waste can include materials from landscaping projects and renovations like decks, fences, or sheds. Unless you are a professional gardener, this type of debris cannot be placed in your residential waste bins and must be disposed of separately.

Fortunately, junk removal services like Junk King can help you get rid of this unwanted yard waste and debris. We provide every client with a two-man crew who are trained in safe lifting techniques and use specialized tools for the job, including shovels and rakes. In some cases, we may also need to rent a wheelbarrow or trolley for larger loads.

In most areas, yard waste can be recycled or reused instead of throwing it away. Many communities have community composting programs where yard waste can be deposited. It is important to separate the different types of yard waste and not mix them together, as this can contaminate the composting process. If your community does not have a composting program, you can start one on your own. Begin with a pile that is four to six inches high and layer greens (leaves, grass clippings, and shrub trimmings) with browns (twigs, brush, and small branches). Add food scraps as well. Over time, the mixture will turn into rich compost for your garden.

Yard waste that ends up in landfills is broken down by bacteria without oxygen, creating methane, a greenhouse gas. It is better to recycle or reuse yard waste, so it doesn’t pollute the environment.