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Wood Laminate Flooring

Once called floating wood tile, Laminate flooring is made from pressed wood with multi-layer products fused together. This process creates an extremely durable floor that can withstand scratches, moisture and wear and tear.  People love laminate floors because it has the classic beauty of hardwoods with the advantage that is easier to preserve. 

Laminate floors is constructed of 4 layers – Protective, Design HDF and Backing. The lamination process to fuse together is done using high heat and intense pressure.  Each layer serves a separate and important purpose.

  • Protective Layer: top layer; a clear defensive layer made of aluminum oxide that shields against stains, fading, and surface burns.
  • Design Layer: below the protective layer is a high-resolution photorealistic image of wood floor’s surface. Stone images are also available.
  • HDR Layer: above the back layer is the core of laminate flooring, made of a highly compressed High Density Fiberboard. This is what gives laminate flooring the structure it needs to hold up to every day wear and tear..
  • Back Layer: bottom layer; this backing is responsible for protecting the plank against moisture, and stabilizes the laminate flooring while allowing it to float.
Vinly Flooring example
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