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Your home is a unique expression of your style, self, lifestyle and the vision you have for spending time in your space. When you invest in a house, you want it to be beautiful, functional, convenient and comfortable in a way you can feel. As the aesthetic base of every room that offsets the walls, accents the furniture and makes or breaks the mood for the setting, your flooring is an essential part of your home design, functionality and longevity.

Looking for an attractive, high-quality flooring option for your kitchen, living room, dining room and more? When it comes to a material that’s affordable, attractive and long-lasting, many homeowners choose hardwood floors. Santana’s Flooring has stunning natural wood flooring is a fantastic option for giving your home a classic look that will last for years – and you’ll love all the choices in our beautiful selection.

What Is Hardwood Flooring?

As opposed to laminate flooring or artificial materials made to look as natural as possible, our solid hardwood flooring is all-natural and made entirely of timber from traditional and exotic materials like red oak, maple, walnut, cherry, bamboo and more. In addition to the variety of materials, natural wood flooring comes in a plethora of finishes, colors, sizes and styles.

Elegant, durable and stylish, new hardwood floors are an excellent choice for your home. Not only are they affordable and cost-effective — adding to your home’s overall value — but they are also harvested from a sustainable resource, healthy for your home’s air quality and your family’s well-being and easy to maintain with regular cleaning. Your solid hardwood floors are a lifetime product — once you have installed them, they will be with you for the long-haul. They also fit perfectly into any home design, from contemporary to rustic to traditional.

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  • Types Of Hardwoods
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    Solid Hardwood

    Solid hardwood are made of planks milled from a single piece of timber.  Originally used for structural purposes.  

    Engineered hardwood Flooring

    Engineered Wood

    Engineered wood is layers of press wood.  This gives it additional strength and durability  which it allow it to flex with contact to moisture.

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